Elevator Maintenance

Comprehensive Maintenance
- Monthly Routine Service
- Fixed Rates, Long Term Cost Savings
- Parts Replacement for Normal Wear and Tear
- 24 Hour Standby Services

General/Standard Maintenance
- Monthly Routine Service
- Lower Rates, Short Term Cost Savings
- 24 Hour Standby Services

Oil and Grease Maintenance
- Only Available for Vacant Buildings
- Monthly Routine Service
- Lower Rates
- Ensures equipment in good operation
condition when building is occupied.

Maintenance Reference:

Phileo Damansara 1&2, 92 Kone Lifts

Puncak Atheneaum Condominium 6 Toshiba Lifts

Belvedere Condominium 5 Schindler Lifts

Dataran Prima 61 Kone Lifts

Bukit Utama 1, 22 Mitsubishi Lifts

Prosperity Square 19 Toshiba Lifts

Bukit OUG Condominium 22 Toshiba Lifts, 6 Eita Lifts

Megan Avenue 1, 30 Schindler Lifts

Megan Avenue 2, 30 Kone Lifts

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