Elevator FAQ

Q. Are there different types of elevators?
A. Yes, the difference is in the type of drive system for the elevator. The types are winding drum, roped hydraulic, counter weight and gearless. Each system has its advantages and cost considerations. The winding drum is the least expensive of the five. The traction type with counter weight  is the most reliable and standard installation for its safety aspect and operation.

Q. Is a pit required for the  elevator?
A. For the elevator maintenance and safety, a pit depth of 750mm is usually sufficient.

Q. Are elevators safe?
A. Yes, elevators are safe as long as you follow the rules set forth by standards and manufactures recommendations. Ensure that the elevator you purchase follows all safety requirements and your contractor is licensed by the DOSH. Every elevator that we install is inspected by a certified and licensed inspector.

Q. Are elevators expensive?
A. An Elevator is inexpensive when you consider the benefits and resale value to your property investment. An elevator that meets all safety requirements will start at $80,000 installed ($150,000 for commercial lifts). Reliability, safety, and service are factors to enjoying your elevator for many years to come.  

If you selected an elevator based on price alone, you do not know if the motor or electronic drive is undersized.  You get what you paid for and it may be more costly in the long term.

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